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The Unique Spots to Discover in Costa Brava

Spain has always been famous for its beautiful places. The Spanish coast and the beautiful cities have enticed people all around the world. In the modern age, many people like to indulge in international tours that span several continents and countries. One of their favourite destinations is Spain because of the culture and vibrancy that is housed in the country. Be it the beauty of the countryside or a luxurious stay at the Costa Brava villas to rent, the visitors do enjoy it a lot. So, today we will know some things about the beautiful coastal region of Costa Brava that Spain has.

costa brava villas to rent

Things to know about Costa Brava:

When you think about Costa Brava, you first think about the stretch of the coast that it has. The region falls under Catalonia and it is exceptionally beautiful. It stretches from the town of Blanes to the French border. Tourists often visit the place as it is included in their packaged tours. The natural beauty is still standing at the place and the turquoise water never fails to call in the tourists. Along with that, the place has a favourable weather and there is no dearth of good quality restaurant or resorts. The beaches of the place are wonderful and quite attractive. Several rivers flow through the region. Salvador Dali had quite a bit of influence on the place and you can see his museum. Gastronomy has always played an important part in the region. Tourists get amazing seafood for nominal prices. There are interests of natural heritage and places in the region as well. In all, there is everything that a tourist may want to be included in their vacation.

Some Places to Visit in Costa Brava:

If we write about all the points present in Costa Brava, then we are sure that the list will be endless. So, we have tried to include some of the points that are a must for every visitor when they go to Costa Brava. Let us begin with our selective list.

  • Peratallada: People who are looking to go to Costa Brava will be amazed at the amount of history that is ingrained in the region. This particular place is a walled village which will remind you of the medieval days. The place has been kept quite well which renders into the stone facades of the place. The region is quite famous among the locals and they visit it during their holidays. The backdrop of the place is amazing as well in the Costa Brava surroundings.

costa brava villas to rent

  • The Dali-House Museum: There are a very few people in the world who aren’t acquainted with the name of Salvador Dali. He himself was a revolution in the art movement and this place commemorates his stay. It was a fisherman’s cottage and now it works as a museum. It is present in Portlligat. The households witnessed many significant days of the artist in which notable people came to visit him.
  • Castellfollit de la Roca: People are often afraid to stand at a place which is too high. But people of this region love to stay on a basalt cliff that is 50 meters high. This municipality falls under the province of Girona. People can easily visit this beautiful quiet village and see its beautiful location. The setting is made even more beautiful by the presence of the rivers Fluvià and Toronell.
  • Cala Del Frares: You may have seen several beaches in your lifetime but this particular beach is quite unique. The place is a cove that is situated in Girona. It is mostly known for the unique shape rocks present at the place. The place is quite photogenic and the waters remain calm which makes it a favourable place for taking a dip.

costa brava villas to rent

  • Marimutra Botanical Garden: If you go to Blanes then do not forget to visit this Botanical garden. You will be thrilled to see the sheer amount of trees and plants that are present in this place. Being situated on the cliffs the place gives you one of the most spectacular views of the surrounding area. The garden also holds the guided tour for people who are interested in it. There is a viewing point which is designed as the medieval times in the memory of the botanist who gave birth to the place.
  • Pals: Many people visiting Costa Brava wants to have a look at its medieval glory. If that is your main aim then you have to visit the village of Pals which still stands with that beauty. The old heritage architecture of the stone arches, balconies and walls can be seen in the old part of this village. The streets are still in line with cobblestones and they are working to keep it as natural as possible. The Romanesque tower present at the place dates back to the 11th century. Pals is a nice place to spend a peaceful day or two.
  • Besalu: This is another mountain town having several Catholic monasteries. Along with that, there is a 12th-century bridge which is the most photographed part of the area. There are several amazing architectural spots that one can visit in the town. Along with that about 40 dormant volcanoes are also present in close proximity of this town.

costa brava villas to rent

So, here are some of the places that one can visit during their vacation in Costa Brava. Visitors should definitely keep in mind that the area covered is huge and they may need quite a bit of time to actually cover a considerable part of Costa Brava. We heartily hope that the vacation remains memorable to everyone who visits Costa Brava.

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